Ugandan Community in the Netherlands
One diaspora one voice

Friday Evening Drive (FED).

Friday Evening Drive (FED) is a show that is aired on UCN radio every Friday from 21:00 till early morning on Saturday 00:00 .Our aim as a team is to drive the stress away after a long week and put a smile on your face as you interact with us. In the fast hour,our listeners request for their favourite jams through our different media platforms and we play them as a way to interact with them. In the same hour we surprise our birthday babies by calling them and pretending to be some random people. In the second hour, we play the newly launched jams worldwide and truckle the trending stories worldwide most especially our motherland Uganda since one of our intentions as the evening drive crew is to make u feel at home. In the last hour, we slow it down with love Ugandan jams and reggae music. The evening drive crew is composed of

 Dj kanox , a young talented Dj, MC and radio presenter based in amsterdam whom God blessed with great hands to spin the decks. His passion for music and mcing dates back to his childhood days where he used to entertain crows through his comic acts and song miming. His versatility in his music selection is so contagious and thus undeniable. With his abiding sense of humour, you're more guaranteed to hurt your jaws and most probably your rib cage to his outstanding jokes and commentary. So what drives Dj Kanox? well, the opportunity to speak and be heard but that does not beat the fact he make people smile through my his passion which is music. ‘’That is my greatest motivation’’ he says. 

Lady salt , Salt knows only how to be her own person and she says it the way she sees it. This eccentric personality has a love for media (snapchat) and in turn loves what she is doing and the standout part of its perks is getting to experience something new every single day. God blessed her with everything including the art of words that put a smile on your face . 

Selector Collins ,what we know for a fact is that selector Collins is a fun, creative, super, and a very proud guy with his opinions most especially when it comes to relationships (sente zakameza lol ). For sure he is quite blunt and very opinionated with his views on relationships and practically everything including money (sente ) . He is also massively preempted by his love for music and that pretty much explains his magic finger on the pulse of the R&B and Hip-Hop culture, as he crisscrosses from premiering the latest hot songs daily, to drawing back on his life through the best throwbacks on The Friday Evening Drive .