Ugandan Community in the Netherlands
One diaspora one voice


01) Violence of any kind is unacceptable. Loud arguments, name-calling, threats, harassment, physical contact and/or any other forms of BULLYING are NOT allowed.


02) Respect yourself and others. Humiliating racial, ethnic, sexist, or homophobic remarks are not welcomed at the cultural cent


03) Act responsibly to ALL UCN house facilities and property around you. Destruction, defacement, or theft of any kind will not be tolerated. In case of damages, charges will be levied in line with the damage caused


04) Gossiping or talking disrespectfully about anyone is not allowed. Speak for yourself, not for others.



05) Use of drugs is not allowed. There are to be NO drugs of any sort accepted within the UCN cultural center. Once caught, you will be dismissed from the accessing the center facilities.


06) Noise must remain at a comfortable level for everyone. Respect the presence of everyone around by keeping your voices at a comfortable tone.

 07) Use of vulgar language is NOT acceptable. Also explicit pornographic material should NOT be viewed from the Centres computer. 

08) Refrain from any activities that interfere with the operation of the cultural center.

09) Keep the center neat and tidy. Remember to return everything where you found it.

 10) The center will be accessible from Monday to Sunday. Children closing time is 19:00 daily, while adults can stay up to 23:00 Monday to Friday and 00:00 on weekends.