Ugandan Community in the Netherlands
One diaspora one voice

1. Introduction:

The Ugandan Community in the Netherlands (UCN) in partnership with the Uganda Embassy Brussels welcomes the international business community to the Uganda-Netherlands Business Convention (UNBC2020) and to the BENELUX Ugandan Community day (BENULUXday2020) in the period between 21st and 25th August in Amsterdam. This edition of the UNBC will commence under the theme “The untapped Investment opportunities” within Uganda’s Agriculture and Health Sectors.


Effectively, there will be field visits on the 19th   st of August to agricultural establishments, followed  by Hospital and or medical facilities field visits on the 20th  of August. The convention and exhibitions will then take place on the 21st of August at NOVOTEL HOTEL in Amsterdam. Lastly will be the sporting and cultural exhibition activities on the 22 th of August also known as the BENELUXday2020. The UNBC platform remains fundamental at bringing together the Ugandan population living in the BENELUX, investors, traders, entrepreneurs, educationists and all other interested stakeholders to integrate, forge useful partnerships, discuss issues geared at strengthening and or introducing business and investment links between Uganda and the Netherlands.


2. Purpose:

Beyond creating an enjoyable ambiance for participants and visitors, the UNBC2020 and BENELUXday2020 are interaction forums that facilitate synergy and foster social and economic bilateral capacity building between Uganda and the Netherlands. These events are a different package and are exceptionally re-assuring to every participant. Contextually, the UNBC2019 will highlight the untapped investment opportunities in the Agricultural and Health since these two sectors continue to be of utmost importance to the economy and livelihood of Ugandans. 

Agriculture in Uganda

Approximately 70% of the Ugandan population is actively or passively involved in Agriculture. The main agricultural crops include grains, sugarcane, cotton, tea and coffee, which accounts for 20% of total export earnings and a third of foreign exchange earnings. Uganda is among the top 10 producers of coffee, globally.


Under the Uganda’s National Development Plan, there is an emphasis on the importance of agro processing and Value addition that can take on different forms and levels ranging from the basic to more sophisticated levels e.g. packaging, processing, cooling, drying, extracting or any other type of processes. Investment opportunities in agriculture and agro-processing are vast, ranging from flower production for exports, oil seed production and processing, cotton production, ginning, spinning and weaving, the production and processing of livestock products. Other opportunities include wheat products and the fast growing milk production and processing sector, fruit processing, fruit drying, grain milling, meat processing, leather tanning and fish processing.

Health in Uganda

A healthy population is key to the growth and development of a nation. For the third year running the health sector development plan goal is to accelerate movement towards Universal Health coverage. Statutory requirements that emphasize annual progress reviews indicate that there is still much ground to cover with reference to countrywide access of the Essential Medicines and Health Supplies (EMHS), plus the efficiency and effectiveness of other health and medical services. To offset some of the shortfall, government continues to avail incentives to encourage committed private health facility providers and workers.


Other UNBC 2020 objectives include:

1.   Promoting Uganda as a lucrative agricultural investment destination.

2.   Encourage Dutch health practitioners to Uganda.

3.   Matchmaking between Dutch & Ugandan entrepreneurs

4.   Validate the rationale for Dutch entrepreneurs to Uganda

5.   Sharing economic knowledge between the Netherlands and Uganda

6.   Encourage the Ugandan Diaspora to Invest in their country

7.   Opportunity for Diaspora Ugandans to get first hand information from those in authority and business


3. Investments and Business

3.1. The Netherlands:

The Netherlands is home for just over 17 million inhabitants. It is the sixth largest economy in the European Union and plays an important role as a European transportation hub. The Netherlands is one of the few countries with a persistently high trade surplus but also boosts of a steady transport network, stable industrial establishments, moderate unemployment and a strong welfare setup. Ranked No. 7 by Forbes’s “Best Countries for Business,” the Netherlands is truly a world-class business destination. Netherlands’ strategic location at Europe’s front door provides the perfect springboard into the European market—with access to 95% of Europe’s most lucrative consumer markets within 5 hours from Amsterdam or Rotterdam.

3.2. Uganda – The Pearl Of Africa:

Popularly known as the Pearl of Africa, Uganda is a country of many surprises with rolling hills, sparkling crater lakes, abundant wildlife, adrenaline activities and, of course, the endangered Mountain Gorillas. The country is still authentically African, lush green and home to the friendliest people on the continent.

Uganda offers highly competitive investment incentives and complete freedom to hold 100 percent foreign ownership of investments while free inflow/outflow of capital is also guaranteed. Investing in Uganda offers market access to preferential trade zones, including the Common Market for Eastern and Southern African states (COMESA), a region with a market of over 300 million people in 20 countries; and the East African Community (EAC), with a joint population of over 150 million people. Without a mention of the closely reliable and conducive climate necessary for numerous agricultural, horticultural and aqua- cultural undertakings, this discovery adds to the many other available resources present in Uganda just ready for the investors’ undertaking.


4. Convention Partners

4.1. Uganda and Dutch Embassies

The Ugandan Embassy in Brussels is a key partner in the provision of logistical support, advising, sourcing and identifying of key government officials relevant to the convention. The Dutch embassy in Kampala on the other hand plays a significant role in swiftly processing and verifying visas for the delegates participating from Uganda. Both Embassies are also sought to be financial contributors.


4.2. PostBank Uganda

PostBank-Uganda (PBU) is the Uganda Netherlands Business convention’s banking partner in Uganda. PBU is regulated by the Uganda central bank as a financial institution and is solely owned by the central government with 100% shareholding. Since its institutionalization in 2004, PBU has becoming a leading financial institution for mass market empowering many customers through sustainable financial service offerings. Currently boosting of 37 brink and mortal branches and 9 functional mobile banking vehicles countrywide, PBU has signed off three telecom service providers making it a commendable force in mobile money transfer services. Important for Diaspora Ugandans and investors is that PBU is a Western Union and Money gram official agent. Just recently, PBU introduced the Diaspora classic account. With this account, you can have your deposits in dollars, Euros and pounds with 24/7 account access through online banking, no monthly charges and many more benefits.


4.3. Uganda Revenue Authority

Established in 1991 as the tax collection body, The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) is currently on a vigorous taxation campaign of educating investors about the available tax incentives. For the convention, the URA will be on board to elaborate on the agro-processing tax exemptions, 0% import duty on machinery, agricultural parent stock and sowing seeds tax exemption, agricultural equipment tax exemption, milk tanks exemptions, refrigerated trucks exemptions, fertilizers exemptions and so on.

In the health sector, the URA exempts all equipment designed for medical and dental use plus all imports by licensed hospitals. Other health sector tax exemption incentives include; contraceptives, packaging materials and inputs for manufacture of medicaments, Diagnostic equipment and reagents imported by diagnostic laboratories and finally Diapers and hygiene bags are all exempt from taxes.


4.4. Uganda Investment Authority

With its inception in 1991, The Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) has continued to function as a one-stop center for investment and business setup in Uganda. Founded as a semi-autonomous investment promotion and facilitation organization, UIA facilitates and expedites all investment issues, including licensing, project support services, industrial land acquisition, special passes for investors, and also assists investors in seeking joint venture partners and funding. UIA is also mandated to initiate and support platforms that enhance investment, UIA has shared a report of the 2018 bankable projects with the UNBC organization team to locate and match willing investors in the Netherlands. The authority stands ready to promote, attract and encourage business personnel from Uganda to attend the convention so as to tap the available investment partnerships. Among other things, the UIA partners at this convention so as to contribute to the image of Uganda as a favorable agricultural and health investment destination and also aims to attract value-adding investment that will boost mechanization and commercialization of the Agricultural sector.

The UIA breaks the Uganda health care system into national and district based levels, at national level are the referral hospitals and the semi-autonomous institutions (Blood institutions, medical stores, health research points and health laboratories) District based health systems on the other hand consists of Village Health Teams (VHT) Health Center 2, 3 and 4 (HCII, HCIII & HCIV). Through the ministry of Health, government of Uganda seeks private sector investment to; increase health care support facilities especially in rural areas and also to renovate and equip selected referral hospitals.


4.5. Uganda Free Zone Authority

Incorporate through the Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development in 2014, the Uganda Free Zone Authority (UFZA) is also a partner in the organization and execution of the Uganda Netherlands Business Convention 2019. Initiated to promote Uganda exports, The UFZA comes on board to promote means for increased commodity processing from trading raw materials to finished goods. Another outstanding contribution of the UFZA to the convention will be to validate the importance of the already adopted free zones

5.4. Uganda Netherlands Business Convention location

The convention will take place at NOVOTEL AMSTERDAM CITY HOTEL. The hotel is furnished with modern business facilities to work, meet, eat and sleep. Also, apart from being conveniently located, the hotel offers excellent leisure services such as free WIFI, fitness centre, sauna, electric car park, 100% non smoking rooms, 24 hour reception service, online check in to mention but a few.  Below is the section of the convention hall.



5.5. Convention Hall Guest lounge

6. Registrations and participation for the 2-day events

All registrations for participation, exhibition and or sponsorship packages should be transferred to the Uganda Community in the Netherlands Bank accounts in the Netherlands or Uganda



ING Bank
Name:   Uganda Community in the Netherlands (UCN)
  Account Number: NL59 INGB 0006 7230 95 BIC/SWIFT: INGBNL2A

PostBank Uganda
Name:   Uganda Community in the Netherlands (UCN)

Account Number: 1110037001426

Reason: Participation / Exhibition / Sponsorship at the UNBC or UCNday2017

 6.1. Participation Fees

Participant fee for individuals from abroad is €350 or $400. This non-refundable participation fee covers:

1.   Airport pick up (Only arrivals for guests booked into the convention hotel)

2.   Transport to and from the field visits

3.   Dinner on the convention day

4.   VIP treatment at the convention after party

 6.2. Accommodation

NOVOTEL AMSTERDAM CITY hotel is a 4-star hotel in the heart of Amsterdam’s business district, near the RAI congress center. The hotel is strategically located in the reach of 15 minutes of Schiphol airport or Amsterdam Central. Convention delegates and participants can make reservation at €129 for a single room or €149 for a double room. All room reservations have 4-star breakfast coverage. For personal reservations, use link below.

6.3. Exhibitions

There is an opportunity for individuals and companies to exhibit at the convention. An exhibition stall is available at €200 or $250 per company/individual with exception to package holders
All exhibitors and sponsors will receive the following with additional advantages dependant on the level of exhibition and sponsorship package:

1.   Listed in advance on the community website and in the program booklet provided to all attendees.

2.   Your Company logo on the holding slide on the conference platform together with other sponsors and exhibitors

3.   A delegate list including the delegate name and company will be emailed to exhibitors and sponsors 2 weeks before the conference.


6.4. Sponsorship Packages:
6.4.1. Premium Sponsor – Euro € 5000

o  Becomes the official UNBC and BENELUXday2019 sponsor. Company acknowledgement on all official conference support signs, program, and on all marketing collateral including enhanced logo on the conference holding slide.

o  Complimentary registration for 5 delegates

o    Complimentary table top exhibition

o    Company Logo on mini marathon running t-shirts

o    One set of promotional materials included in registration material

o    Your logo on all delegate badges

o    A complimentary full page advertisement in the program booklet

o    After the event “Thank you email” to all attendees with company logo

o    Complimentary exhibition table

o    Option to brand specific portions of the meeting, including 3 of the following (Welcome reception,

o  Refreshment break, Lunch break)

o   Boat-cruise along the 9 Amsterdam canals.

 6.4.2. Platinum Sponsor – Euro €2,500

o  Company acknowledgement on all official conference support signs, program and on all marketing collateral including enhanced logo on the conference holding slide

o   Special recognition on the conference website

o   Complimentary registration for 4 delegates

o   Complimentary table top exhibition

o   One set of promotional materials included in registration material

o   A complimentary full page advertisement in the program booklet

o   Complimentary Exhibition table

o    Option to brand specific portions of the meeting, including 2 of the following (Refreshment break or Lunch break, but first priority given to the Platinum)

 6.4.3. Gold Sponsor – Euro €1,500

o  Company acknowledgement on all official conference support signs, program and on all marketing collateral including enhanced logo on the conference holding slide

o   Special recognition on the conference website

o   Complimentary registration for 3 delegates

o   Complimentary table top exhibition

o   One set of promotional materials included in registration material

o   Option to brand specific portions of the meeting, including 2 of the following (Refreshment break, Lunch break, but first priority given to the Platinum and Gold sponsor respectively)


7.2. Financing

 As described in the above section, BENELUXday2020 is a unique event that enables Dutch and Ugandan companies to become familiar with each other and explore the possibilities for business through sustainable value chains. The program includes access to partners with the required insights and inputs to develop optimal business formulas and finding the right partners to make the value chain complete. Sponsorships and fees from registration of participants will finance the convention budget.

8.  Planning

Preparations for the UNBC2020 start at the closure of the UNBC2019 edition. The planning begins with capturing all feedback points and fusing them into this year’s edition. Below is a synopsis of the flow of events as shall be executed in five different phases

On behalf of the Ugandan Community in the Netherlands, I look forward to receiving you in August and also hope that you will participate on this day either as a sponsor, exhibitor or visitor.