UNBC Partners & sponsors

Uganda and Dutch Embassies

The Ugandan Embassy in Brussels is a key partner in the provision of logistical support, advising, sourcing, and identifying key government officials relevant to the convention. The Dutch embassy in Kampala on the other hand plays a significant role in swiftly processing and verifying visas for the delegates participating from Uganda. Both Embassies are also sought to be financial contributors

PostBank Uganda

PostBank-Uganda (PBU) is the Uganda Netherlands Business convention’s banking partner in Uganda. PBU is regulated by the Uganda central bank as a financial institution and is solely owned by the central government with 100% shareholding. Since its institutionalization in 2004, PBU has become a leading financial institution for the mass-market empowering many customers through sustainable financial service offerings. Currently boasting of 37 brink and mortar branches and 9 functional mobile banking vehicles countrywide, PBU has signed off three telecom service providers making it a commendable force in mobile money transfer services.

Important for Diaspora Ugandans and investors is that PBU is a Western Union and Money gram official agent. Just recently, PBU introduced the Diaspora classic account. With this account, you can have your deposits in dollars, Euros, and pounds with 24/7 account access through online banking, no monthly charges, and many more benefits.

Uganda Revenue Authority

Established in 1991 as the tax collection body, The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) is currently on a vigorous taxation campaign of educating investors about the available tax incentives. For the convention, the URA will be on board to elaborate on the agro-processing tax exemptions, 0% import duty on machinery, agricultural parent stock, and sowing seeds tax exemption, agricultural equipment tax exemption, milk tanks exemptions, refrigerated trucks exemptions, fertilizers exemptions and so on.

In the health sector, the URA exempts all equipment designed for medical and dental use plus all imports by licensed hospitals. Other health sector tax exemption incentives include; contraceptives, packaging materials and inputs for the manufacture of medicaments, Diagnostic equipment, and reagents imported by diagnostic laboratories finally, Diapers and hygiene bags are all exempt from taxes.

Uganda Investment Authority

Since its inception in 1991, The Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) has continued to function as a one-stop center for investment and business setup in Uganda. Founded as a semi-autonomous investment promotion and facilitation organization, UIA facilitates and expedites all investment issues, including licensing, project support services, industrial land acquisition, and special passes for investors, and also assists investors in seeking joint venture partners and funding. UIA is also mandated to initiate and support platforms that enhance investment, UIA has shared a report of

the 2018 bankable projects with the UNBC organization team to locate and match willing investors in the Netherlands. The authority stands ready to promote, attract and encourage business personnel from Uganda to attend the convention so as to tap the available investment partnerships. Among other things, the UIA partners at this convention so as to contribute to the image of Uganda as a favorable agricultural and health investment destination and also aims to attract value-adding investment that will boost the mechanization and commercialization of the Agricultural sector.

The UIA breaks the Uganda health care system into national and district-based levels, at national levels are the referral hospitals and the Enza zaden semi-autonomous institutions (Blood institutions, medical stores, health research points, and health laboratories) District-based health systems on the other hand consists of Village Health Teams (VHT) Health Center 2, 3, and 4 (HCII, HCIII & HCIV). Through the ministry of Health, the Government of Uganda seeks private sector investment to; increase health care support facilities especially in rural areas and also to renovate and equip selected referral hospitals.

 Housing Finance Bank Uganda:

Fuhrudin Properties


Royal van Zanten