The Team

At UNC,  you’ll find a community of real people, led by leaders who emphasize their real-world, real-life experiences to guide our community toward an authentic life. Meet our Team:

JOACHIM KIKOMEKO - MD, MSc. Medicine: Director of finance and sponsorships. 

I am originally from Uganda, but I have been living in the Netherlands since 2008. I am a practicing medical doctor after having graduated with a Master of Medicine from Amsterdam University Medical Centre. Currently pursuing a further specialization in internal medicine with a special interest in oncology.  I have a great passion for my country Uganda and using my achievements and connections to create beneficial platforms for the Ugandans in the diaspora and those back home.  Next to my work as a doctor, I am one of the founders of the Uganda Netherlands Business Convention in 2017, a multi-disciplinary platform dedicated to advancing projects to bankable stages, raising capital, and accelerating the financial closure of deals.  Before becoming the UNBC finance director, I served as the finance director for the Ugandan community in the Netherlands.  Via our platform, I urge all potential investors to consider investing in Uganda via different themes: (Feed Uganda, Light up Uganda, Improve Uganda’s welfare, Connect Uganda, etc).  Remember Uganda has a young population with a growing labor force, a highly valuable asset in an aging world.


  DERRICK SSENYONJO - MD, MSc. Medicine:  General Secretary

Gallant compatriots, My name is Derrick Senyonjo Luzinda. I live in Lelystad – in the Netherlands with my partner and our son. I was born in Uganda and had a greater part of my early life and education there only to relocate to the Netherlands in 2007. While here in the Netherlands, I pursued my second bachelor's degree in International Business & Management. Today, I work for a renowned global sports company.

From the moment I arrived in the Netherlands to this moment, I have been an active member of the community, offering my time and any resources there about needed in the different initiatives. In 2013, after vigorous community transformational exercises, I offered myself up for leadership. Today, I can only look back with contentment to the many milestones we have managed to achieve.

KENNETH MUYINGO: Secretary and Public Relations

Kenneth Muyingo is a transformational coach helping individuals transform their lives by empowering them to achieve their version of success, make their dreams come true, and make a greater positive impact on the World. Kenneth is also a Published Author, Keynote Speaker, and Entrepreneur. He offers a wide range of coaching programs and services - from individual coaching to seminars and keynote speeches.

KAGIMU MUSTAFA: Vice-chairperson.

I am a happily married husband and a father of two a boy and a girl, lived in the Netherlands for 30 years as a house trainer within the ID logistics group.


My name is Annet Driehuis Najjuma. I am married and a mother to a son. I have lived in The Netherlands for quite a long time but never lost contact with Uganda. In 2014 I became involved with UCN and am proud to be part of it.