UNBC Program highlights

➢ Field visits:

Participants will be split into teams according to interest. These teams will be led to visit agricultural establishments, hospitals, and or medical facilities. UNBC is partnering with agricultural and health institutions/companies that have agreed to provide participants with exceptional practical learning and exposure experience.

➢ The convention and exhibitions:

During the convention and exhibitions, The UNBC platform will bring together the Ugandan population living in the BENELUX, investors, traders, entrepreneurs, educationists, and all other interested stakeholders to integrate, forge useful partnerships, discuss issues geared at strengthening and or introducing business and investment links between Uganda and the Netherlands. The business forum during the convention is deliberately tailored to matchmaking between Dutch and Uganda entrepreneurs, encouraging the Ugandan diaspora to invest at home, and knowledge sharing between Uganda and Dutch entrepreneurs. The exhibitions are a great unique opportunity for the participants from Uganda to showcase their products and directly meet customers. This is a great platform for banks, housing & estate owners, and other such organizations that have developed appealing products targeting the diaspora market.

➢ Sporting and cultural exhibition activities:

In celebration of our unique heritage, the UNC organizes a cultural and sporting exhibition for the Ugandan Community living in the Netherlands. This is one of the biggest highlights of the convention as we get to experience the Ugandan feel in a different country. We don’t just get to be defined as diaspora; we reconnect with our identity as “Ugandans”